The Future
Clan Conquest isn't at it's best right now. We're going to change that as a community and a staff team and make sure that all users have a great experience.
Addressing the lack of updates
As a team, we're trying to use the smaller budget and time allowance to produce updates that aren't as big as expected, but still put an impact on the gameplay. These updates will be things like the kitchen, /pay and drop party commands. We promised raids a while ago and it may still be potential.

We will be asking for more opinionated releases over the following weeks.

What's actually going on?
We're trying to see the best path for us to go down. If you have any suggestions on what we should do please post below.

Thank you

Vaults, Keys & more!
This weeks changes
The changes for this week are as followed:

  • Added /vault, which brings up a personal Ender Chest whenever you are.
  • Keys can be purchased with 1 Vote Token instead of 2.
    • This is implemented to prevent the key system from becoming pay to win
  • Clan allies now have access to enter recluse clans.
  • Fixed many issues related to recluse clans, even if outsiders managed to get in, they will be kicked from the clan area.
Hope to see you in-game!
More is coming soon!

Next Steps for Clan Conquest
A farewell to peraldon
This week we've had to say goodbye to an administrator who designed how the game works and looks. Jed departed earlier this week, we've wished him the best and hope he can come back in the future, however his work is complete for now.

Jed designed all of the games updates and features, whilst guiding the developers into creating said ideas. This doesn't mean that bugs won't be fixed, as developers are still on normal bug fixing hours.

We have also said goodbye to @Jackpotmudo! Good luck to both of them from the community themselves.

A weekly newsletter
A newsletter will start soon, and this will entail any news that happened in that week. It'll also attach a store code.

Donation support
All donation support will be managed with a more simple system, which can be handled by staff members themselves, and approved by administrators. More to come on this later this week when I get access to what I need.

Community feedback

@peraldon previously held community meetings, these will continue in another form, where everyone will get a chance to voice their ideas.

We will also be heavily sorting through suggestions as a staff team, re-sorting the forums for easier usage from the player. A lot of giveaways will be based around these feedback forms.

Denied Suggestions
If your suggestion has been denied previously, be sure to remake it.

What's new?

1v1 Tournament
A 1v1 tournament is happening soon. A full announcement will be in next weeks newsletter, including a form to register for the...

March 31st, 2018 @ 9PM UTC (view your time here)
Reset details
Clan Conquest will be resetting at 9PM UTC, we have converted the time to all timezones, just click the link above! This section will cover information about the reset, what you will lose etc.

What will I keep?
  • All ranked purchases on the store (i.e warrior, knight, hero, legend)
  • Your current key total
  • Unspent vote tokens
  • Punishments
What will I lose?
  • Your inventory
  • Gold
  • Clans
  • Locked chests
  • Builds
If you have any questions, please consult me or a staff member below!

Leaving beta
It's that exciting time of Clan Conquest's development, where we can officially say we're leaving beta! This means the main core gameplay is mostly finished. A lot of dedication to those pesky bugs will follow over the following weeks. This is not the end for updates however, plenty of exciting updates are planned and are to follow.

Athena & Fortuna
Athena & Fortuna are being discontinued. All ranks will be merged into Odin!

Yes, that's right! We're doing another giveaway to celebrate this awesome reset. Just click here to retweet our tweet and follow us!


Beta v1.10.0

Homes, Teleporation and more!
What's new?
This week, we've introduced a brand new teleportation system alongside a home system.

This weeks changes!
v1.10.0 is one of our biggest updates yet, here's our changelog of what we've added!
  • Removed old home system
  • Added new command /homes to view homes
  • Added /delhome to delete current home
  • Homes now limited based on rank (1 for players, 3 for hero+, 8 for Legend+)
  • New teleport NPC takes the place of /spawn /home and /tpa with a 5 minute cooldown
  • Adds ability to tpa to players via teleport NPC
  • Adds ability to view homes and travel to them via Homes submenu
  • Adds ability to teleport to homes and players via teleport room
Along with many additions, we've also ironed out plenty of annoying bugs. Click the spoiler below to view the fixed bugs!

Bug Fixes - 1.10.0
  • Lapis ore now explodes into color gems
  • Fixed visual bug showing xp to next level
  • Fixed visual bug with recluse cooldown timer
  • Teleport cooldown no longer resets on relog
  • /skills no longer works on players in vanish
  • Last seen field in player management now shows last seen time
Click here to report any annoying bugs!

See you online!
Clan Conquest...

Click the document below to view our latest announcement. The amount of times I've rewrote this is outstanding. There's currently an issue with our threads.

Click here.

WEEKLY UPDATE #8 - v1.9.0


Implemented Voting
Players can vote on the server to build up their streak and get extra Vote Tokens, plus $150 in store rewards at the end of the month.

Implemented Token Shop
Added a Token Shop to the Rewards NPC where players can spend their Vote Tokens.

Most crates now require keys to be opened.

Other smaller changes
These aren't just the changes we've added. Here's a list of more below.

  • Skills menu now shows a description of the skills, their maximum level, and what causes XP to be gained.
  • Greatly decreased room upkeep costs, and creation costs of Auction and Rune rooms.
  • Added /vote command which shows the player the voting sites.
The smaller fixes that impact the gameplay a lot.
  • Fixed a bug causing clan relations to disappear after a server restart.
  • Fixed bug causing players to take fall damage after being teleported.
All of these small changes are live on your local realm!

Clan Relations

Each clan has a relation with every other clan on the server. Normally, this is 'neutral', however it can also be 'ally', or 'enemy'. Different relations with clans can create different gameplay effects with their castle, and clan members.

Changing Relations
In your clan castle menu, you can click Diplomacy. This will show you all the clans that you are NOT neutral with, and allow you to change this. Before changing your overall relation with another clan, you first have to request a specific relation. The overall relation only changes when certain conditions are met:

It will be enemy if either clan requests enemy. If can only be ally if both clans request ally. Otherwise, it will be neutral.

Some other things to consider are:
- You cannot request enemy on a clan that is 2 castle levels lower than yours
- Only Clan Chiefs can change clan relations
- You can access relations of another clan directly by interacting with their Clan command block (quicker than doing it through your menus)

Effects of Relations
If you're nuetral with a clan, nothing changes. Like before the update!

If you're enemies with a clan, you can harm clan members in their own influence (but not castle grounds) - in the future we'll have full wars going on

If you're allies with a clan, you can make your chests and rooms available specifically to allies. You can also teleport to their castle with the Recall Beacon. You also cannot harm allies.

Other Updates / Fixes
All TPA requests can now be denied

WEEKLY UPDATE #6 - v1.6.0


Implemented Auction House
Players can sell items to the entire server by talking to the Auctioneer NPC in spawn. Premium ranks can auction multiple items at the same time!

Implemented Auction Rooms
Give you longer auction durations and smaller taxes.

Other smaller changes
These aren't just the changes we've added. Here's a list of more below.

  • Players can now craft Clay Bricks.
The smaller fixes that impact the gameplay a lot.
  • Fixed bug allowing any player with access to a chest lock to modify its settings. Now only the owner can do that.
  • Fixed chest lock menu not working in some cases after managing access of specific players
  • Fixed bug allowing players to break boats inside other clans.
  • Fixed visual glitch in "upgrade castle" button. Now the displayed information is properly formatted.
All of these small changes are live on your local realm!
Karaoke Night #1

Saturday, February 24th at 4 PM EST
(9 PM GMT, 1 PM PST, 3PM CT)

HOST @Rught
RAN BY @snw

What is a Karaoke Event?
This is where players get to vote on who wins.

How do I enter?
To enter, you must be available on the day for sure. When you have a song, fill out the attatched form. Enter all the IGNs if you're in a duet/band. No more than 3 people. You will be told if you can enter.

Event Prizes
Please, note that if you are in a duet, one will be given the reward, and they will decide if they would like to split it and how between all the teammates. BuyCraft vouchers can be given out for first place instead.

1st Place: PERM Knight Rank + winner tag
2nd Place: $20 store voucher + winner tag in discord
3rd Place: $15 store voucher + winner tag in discord

Good luck and have fun!
Click me to enter!